RT targeted by FARA but AIPAC is not?


It is outrageous that the DOJ is talking about registering media outlets like RT and Sputink as Foreign agents. Yet actual foreign lobbies like AIPAC which clearly working for a foreign country’s interest which is what FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) was created to prevent, are not being made to register as Foreign Agents. RFK wanted to register the Israeli lobbies as foreign agents back in 1963 the same year his brother was shot. His orders were ignored and the DOJ has yet to enforce FARA on any of the Israeli lobbies, AIPAC in particular.

The real reason for the witch hunt against Russian media like RT and Sputnik, both of which I have spoken on, is because of Israeli pressure groups like AIPAC. All the presidential candidates go and kiss the ring at AIPAC after being nominated in the primaries. Russia has been accused of “hacking” the US elections. This does not mean hacking voting machines and changing the results. It means that someone told on Hillary by leaking her emails and revealing dishonest and dirty things she did. Instead of being mad at her for doing these things, they are mad at whoever told on her and they blame it on Russia. It’s a way of converging the anger of those upset that their candidate didn’t win the election on a foreign boogeyman. Still no evidence has come of this but the Russia hate is at cold war levels for leftists. I suspect the ongoing hype over Michael Flynn will also lead back to Israel. The hidden reason for the Russia hate is to make it as difficult as possible for president Trump to work with them. If he compromises or works with Putin at all, the Leftist conspiracies are that he is controlled by the Kremlin. The actual reason for this hype is because Russia foiled the Zionists’ ambitions in Syria. Syria has defeated the covert proxy armies such as ISIS in large part because of Russian air support. The war party is furious. Siding with Al Qaeda is a hard sell so the the propaganda became that the US was fighting both ISIS and Assad and supporting the mythical moderate rebels. This was Iran Contra 2.0 where every public the administration word uttered was contradicted by the actions done in private.

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