Rape and migrants… Why suddenly is it religion to blame?


Rape and migrants… Why suddenly is it religion to blame?

There really are statistics showing that rape has increased in Europe as Muslim migrants flood into places like Sweden from the third world. I say migrants because that’s the real deal it is very seldom refugees. This is being blamed on Islam and then people point to weird things said in the Quran or weird laws in Islamic majority countries.  I have a few things to say about this.

1 Be careful how to view statistics. The majority of migrants are not rapist even if the majority of rapist are migrants. We could say the majority of rapist are also men but it is certainly not the case that the majority of men are rapist. Violent criminals are always a tiny fraction of their biological or geographical or ideological group.

2 While it is true that you can reference passages in the Quran about sexuality that do not mesh with modern times, the same can be said for other holy books.  Judaism and Christianity if taken literally have the same archaic rules and misogynist ideas. Most people of all faiths do not take it literally and are not fundamentalist. Most people create rationalization and interpretations to their religion that allow it to reform itself into something that can mesh with sanity.

3 The exact same problems occur with non-Muslims migrants from the third world both from Catholic and Communist areas, for example Mexico and Cuba. There are a disproportionate number of rapes pouring out of Latin American migrant groups none of whom are Muslims. However when this happens no one thinks to blame their behavior on their Catholicism even though one could just as easily site passages from the bible as well as a historical rape culture by the catholic church. Here instead of trashing religion it is racial prejudice that gets the burden since the religion is often the same as the places they are migrating.

Again see number 1. Obviously not all  migrants from any of these areas are rapist, we are talking about a very small % of people in any population that engage in violent crime.

4 Because religion or race are blamed by people of prejudice, the left is often ignoring the very real problem of rape cause by mass immigration from the third world. its not a race problem. It is not a religion problem. It’s a third world problem. People with little or nothing to lose are far more likely to risk the punishments for rape than those who have a lot to lose. It is that simple. However any and all critics of a very real problem are branded as bigots and racist by the left.

5 The left’s irrational behavior which ignores a third world rapist issue by hiding it behind defending race/religion from prejudice actually causes more prejudice, because it too is acting like the causes are biological or cultural rather than economic. People who should be deported are not being deported even after committing horrible crimes because of the leftist cry-bullies out on a witch hunt to virtue signal, have pressured politicians to cuck to their demands.

Rape issue aside, Europe can not economically sustain an influx of migrants indefinitely.  They should be focusing on why there are so many migrants in the first place.

1 Some are real war refugees. Solution: stop bombing countries and covertly supporting Al Qaeda groups.

2 Some are economic refugees. Solution: end neocolonialism, for example predatory lending by the IMF and World Bank. Stop transfer pricing and selling arms to destabilizing extremist groups.

3 Some are there for the free stuff. Solution: stop pouring sugar on the floor and you wont get ants.

To do any of these three someone has to stand up the the leftist cry-bullies. Oddly the feminist and SJW types preach about equality and then just like Bernie Sanders, fall in line when it comes to sloganeering that “Assad must go” thereby supporting terrorist factions who hate and mistreat women and homosexuals. They blame Russia for telling on Hillary for her crimes. How about blaming Hillary for doing her crimes instead. Who told on her does not matter and it is not why she lost. She lost because of her own corruption. Because Russia has been blamed and Russia is helping Syria, the left then sides against the Syrian government. We need to be clear to present the entire package.

No to war (Not only is this the moral thing to do but it could save a trillion dollars a year)

No to economic sabotage

No to open borders

The Syrian conflict is the pretext for all the other migrant groups to get a pass into Europe. It’s just another reason this conflict must be resolved. Stop aiding Al Qaeda. Stop bombing the Syrian military. Rinse and repeat in Iraq.  Do not allow the extreme left or extreme right to frame the migrant crisis in terms of religious or racial issues. Third world ideas will fail abroad for the same reasons they failed at home. Cultures and philosophies are not equal or relatively the same. Some work better than others. The cry-bully culture will lead to the destruction of successful western cultural values. So the cry-bullies and identitarians are the front line to dismantle first.

Looking at a place like Japan, you can see they have trade open with the Middle East but are not engaged in war, proxy wars, aiding militants, or economic sabotage. At the same time Japan has a very strict vetting of refugees and it does not have open borders nor does it give away a “free lunch.” Japan is not having a migrant crisis and they are not being targeted by terrorist attacks. Maintaining peace and trade and cultural integrity seems to be the formula to move forward.

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  1. Mass migration is being used as a weapon of war, to destroy European society, by the Globalists, who use blackmail, bribery and political correctness, to coerce our leaders.

    • Profile photo of Tom

      Yep just like european mass migration that destroyed native American.
      Yep just like the Jewish mass migration that destroyed native Palestinians.
      but these Muslim migrants hardly have anything to destroy you. They didn’t come with tanks and artillery, guns, fighter jets so please elaborate on this to how can they destroy european way of life?
      How could people that hardly have their lunch and dinner can destroy european society.
      I think the european society was already destroyed by Zionist jews in WW1 and 2. No?

      They introduced males sexual act on the stage for european back in 30s and 40s.
      they have brought european economy to screeching halt.
      As soon as Germany was trying to do something for themselves, US and England got involved and destroyed that european culture again and enslaved it for good.
      Even though Hitler wanted to no confrontation with England and US, but the zionist jews unleashed these BHs and destroyed Germany once again.
      If europeans are so afraid of few pisky muslim migrants, something more major is wrong with europeans.