Politics in 60 Seconds Ukraine


Politics in 60 seconds.

Ukraine was 15 billion euros in debt.
Russia cut off gas because Ukraine wouldn’t pay for it.
The CIA replaced one oligarch with another one.
The new government tried to outlaw the Russian language.
The made the eastern part very angry because most of them spoke Russian. That’s because they were part of Russia until 1954.
So one part called Crimea voted to rejoin Russia.
They voted! It was not an invasion but a peaceful secession.
Then American TV said over and over again, Russian aggression and Russian invasion. But that’s not what happened.
After enough propaganda, using false NGOs as cover, western backed neonazis, violently attacked the east who of course fought back. And your taxes are paying for it.
Anti Russian machismo cost you money. It also makes gas more expensive.
And now you know.

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