New Facebook security measures will prevent “racist” Russian hackers


Miku S (ANC Report)

Facebook is introducing new measures to prevent mythical Russian election hackers from promoting advertisement that apparently exploits “racial and social divisions” in the United States. 

According to Facebook’s Vice President for Global Public Policy Joel Kaplan, over 3,000 ads encouraging “racial and social divisions” in the US “which appear to have come from a Russian entity” ran on Facebook between the years of 2015 to 2017.

This has prompted Facebook to begin sharing sensitive information with Russian election hacking investigation bodies that are active in various circles of the US congress.

Basically, Facebook has concluded that 3,000 seemingly racist ads that may have come from a Russian entity over the last 2 years warrants information cooperation with Clinton Foundation-funded committees attempting to prove that Russian election hackers exist.

Facebook’s new security measures will include hiring 1,000 new employees to actively seek out “improper” ads, allowing Facebook users to see who is advertising to them and others so that they may report “inappropriate ads” (terming it as “user transparency”) and adding new authentication measures for advertisers.

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