Philip Giraldi American Jews are driving America’s Wars


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It’s not just a matter of tact or just being PC to say Zionist rather than Jews or Jewish Zionist rather than just Jews. It’s a matter of accuracy. If you want to say Jewish Zionist then fine. But just saying Jews without clarification can be taken the wrong way. Giraldi’s article however is not just a title or slogan, it is an article thus the context is all there so its very clear what he means, and it is not antisemitism. The Israelis call themselves a Jewish state, thus Zionism is antisemitic and collectively speaking for all Jews that they support an ethnic state. If you think Zionist and Jews are a synonym, that’s not correct. One is political and one is ethnic group who may or may not also follow a specific religion and confusingly one followers of Judaism are also called Jews which is a religious definition. The religion used to be the defining factor. Post WWII the ethnic component became the defining factor as many Jews abandoned most of their religion. Zionism includes both Jewish and Non Jewish ideologues who support Israel’s ethnic claims where God is a real estate agent. Saying “Jews” also alienates all the non Zionist Jews. It’s the classic category fallacy. A=C and B=C so A=B, well not true. For example,
all dogs are animals A = C
all cats are animals B = C
but all dogs are not cats A not = B
nor are all animals either one.
Of course Jewish supremacist are Jewish. Why wouldn’t they be? Likewise of course white supremacists are white and black supremacists are black. It makes sense. And yes neocon Zionists are mainly a bunch of racist Jews, that is just a fact. That doesn’t however mean Jews in general are racist. It means those Jews are racist. It also doesn’t ignore that many Jews do harbor some degree of ethnic nepotism or racism either. The press talks about the Kurds as itf it is a monolithic group with a common interest. Its commonsense that individuals within any group are going to disagree with the others. The fair point Giraldi makes is when dealing with ethnic nepotism it should be fair to mention that someone is Jewish when it’s obvious that such an identity has a clear bias for Israel. You don’t have to point it about other groups that may have biases. For instance, blacks are known to be black or Asians as Asians, women are known to be women, just by looking. Demographics do exist and so do political biases based on biological categories because of how people identify themselves. But a Jew can hide their ethnic bias. Antizionist are going against the Zionist version of Judaism. Judaism like any other religion is not a monolithic thing. Religion is as religion does. People interpret and practice their religion differently from place to place and time period to time period. Jewish mythology had most of its supernatural aspect secularized but its rigid tribal racism remains under the Zionist banner.

Zionism is a political ideology and new religion that came from Judaism but is not the same thing. For separate from this racist interpretation and false history are other forms of Judaism.

The evolution of Judaism and Zionism.

Early Zionist were fleeing ethnic cleansing. They wanted Einstein to be the first prime minister of Israel. He refused as the religious zealots were taking over. These people today, Zionism is their religion. They are neither Atheist or Jewish in the classic sense of believing in Noah’s ark and that kind of mythological storybook part of Judaism. But they are not 100% free of their religious dogmatism. For it is from religion not reality that the concept of a world made of two kinds of people Jews and non Jews or Jews and gentiles. It’s also from religion not history that these people believe in mythological ancient kingdoms like “king David” or King Solomon whose about as real as King Arthur. It’s from these religious stories that they believe “they were there first” (in Palestine) and that Israel was a kingdom and that they are “returning” to it. The settler movement is also very dependent on religious zealots to populate it. And it is this religious narrative which Christians also believe and it’s why they support Israel’s land claims. An atheist rejecting the idea of god’s would logically also reject the idea of god’s chosen people. If there is no god then there can’t be a chosen race of god either.

What these Zionist Jews do is remove the more fanciful parts of their religion the things involving miracles and magic yet keep the completely fictional historical claims in the religion. For example if Adam and Eve are just fictional characters then so are Cain and Able and thus Jacob and Esau. If Jacob is fake the the very foundation of the Israelite bloodline the twelve tribes and the covenant too don’t exist. The truth is a bunch of newly freed Hebrew slaves from Egypt created a creation myth and master god out of resentfulness with all the slave master values you would expect from slaves. Their entire religion maintains a slave / master relationship with their god.

The core of their identity was replaced as WWII victim-hood badges an thus ethnic identity out ranked the religious dogma. An ideology of ethnic supremacy that was always there became the center piece of the new Judaism AKA Zionism. It’s a religion not so tied to supernatural feats like older religions, but built on a secularized religious mythology to justify a modern racist ideology of tribal supremacy. On the lowest level it’s all the above where the racist also believes in the Judaic stories literally. So long as they maintain the racial identity it matters not to the Zionist if they add in mythological stories about Samson, Moses, Noah, Samuel, Elijah etc. WWII took down all the Nazi style ideologies but one and that’s Jewish Zionism.

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  1. Quite an excellent interview between two very intelligent men not afraid to use the J-word! For heaven’s sakes, if you cannot name something accurately, you are already starting off in the wrong direction. I would not say I am an anti-Semite, but for sure there are aspects of Jewish culture which are truly repugnant to me. Primarily I do not appreciate the over-representation of Jewish hands on the levers of power in our society, in media, publishing, banking, finance, statecraft, and in social science departments of our universities.

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    On the subject that these Jews have gotten NATO members to fight their wars in the Middle East; It should not be forgotten that Zionist Jews also got America into two world wars. All wars are Jewish Banker Wars.

    Fortunately, thanks to Mr. Giraldi and many others, (including Jews), this subject is being steam-valved into public awareness. If the guys and gals in the street really understood the extent of Jewish/Israeli involvement in 9/11 and all these other wars, including the Bolshevik Revolution, they’d be hunted down.

    But cooler heads like Ryan and Mr. Giraldi shall prevail with ideas not violence…if you will, there needs to be a political will for a political solution; some such ideas based on stopping the flow of money in politics can be seen and considered at