1. Part of me respects Ry Dawson as an articulate with whom I agree on politics generally, but part thinks what a sad, bitter, twisted mofo. He basically spends a lot of time making videos and then bitches about the people who actually bring them to the attention of the general public who aren’t friends, or friends of friends, of his. The classic piece of lunacy from him for me was when he berated the guy who crashed the Super Bowl press conference and said calmly “Investigate 9/11” – this according to Dawson made 9/11 skeptics look crazy LOL “No building ever fell due to fire” is a slogan? No dude, it’s highly relevant information. And WTF is wrong with slogans anyway? That’s how every political point was ever brought to anyone’s attention in the history of the world – you get people’s attention with a slogan, and then you follow up. Every title you give to an article or video is a “slogan”. And so to his obsessive hatred of Alex Jones (I suspect more due to Jones’s alleged love of Israel more than anything else) … “Well-poisoner”? – Most people only know the well exists due to to Jones. That’s something Dawson never addresses, Jones is the nexus of alternative news media. it’s because of Jones being Jones, invading the mainstream with his theatrics, that the general public who aren’t politically aware get to know that the likes of Dawson, and the excellent James Corbett even exist (Corbett DOES acknowledge Jones as an inspiration to become active online BTW). Jones can flog all “super male vitality” pills he likes as far as I’m concerned, if that’s what it takes to fund the bringing of important information to the public.

  2. Cut the Ryan some slack, any Tom, Dick and Harry could have become famous after 9/11. Jones was at the right place at the right time. Listen to what William Cooper said about him, the guy is a bullshit artist, but bullshit sells in this day and age and Jones can see it. People are so stupid.