Eva Bartlett breaks down the war propaganda on Syria from Daraa to Aleppo


Eva had a meeting right after our interview. We will set up her Patreon ASAP. Please bookmark this and return.

you can also see Eva arguing with a propagandist here. He actually said she had no humanity. This woman went and lived in Gaza for years and learned Arabic and has sources ion the ground in Syria including herself! And this hack just interrupts her and says he has Twitter. He claims she is not independent based solely on the fact that she doesn’t agree with what he says. She doesn’t agree with what he says because he is wrong. You know who is moderate? Assad is. Assad had a coalition of minorities living under his rule for ten years with peace. Suddenly because of sniper fire and the US and Israel’s own now admitted plans to foster sectarian in-fighting in order to oust Assad to weaken the Israeli resistance axis of Iran Syria and Lebanon and support for Hezbollah there is war. It is that clear. And Israel has exclusively attacked Assad as have ISIS. This British hack while opposing starvation in Yemen and the bombing by the Saudis, is ignorantly supporting the Saudi Policy in Syria. Hillary Clinton leaked email admit that Saudi Arabia as well as Qatar are clandestinely supporting ISIS. He claims he is not a Zionist and yet he is supporting their policy in Syria. Israel and Al Nusra work hand in glove so do the White Helmets. That is not an allegation, they have all been pictured together.

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  1. I appreciate your resume attached to the video, it helps pre-digest the points elaborated in it, especially for someone not especially knowledgeable on the issue as myself. This would be a great addition to other videos too, thanks for time and for helping me understand better the situation. Jean-Philippe, Canada