Full stop AIPAC conference



Later the ANC crew went to the AIPAC protest





The anti neocon east coast crew was in force at the conference. James Williams, Josh “the red” Cornelious, Yazan Mahmoud, Thomas “RAMBO”, Michael Darnarious, Michael D’innocenzio and Tammy D.

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  1. Profile photo of Rockshot

    Thanks for posting Ry,
    Did anybody else cover this besides YOU?
    Funny that you should come from JAPAN to cover what is going on in Washington….
    Thank you for doing it.

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    To elaborate on my previous post of the “intresting analysis from PressTV”
    If you can not access the website by name, you can use the IP address to get to the website and subject.
    I will do it for you, but you can also do it at your own.
    The name is called “bypassing the DNS” DNS = Dynamic Name Server which many use to attack, so that people can not get to the website with it’s original name.
    For Example Presstv.ir =
    If you type in , it will bring you to that website.
    So here is the link for the people that can’t reach it :

  3. Profile photo of Naitpac

    Intresting… So does not represent ancreport.com, but is a co-location or a cloud server using the DNS. Verry intresting indeed 🙂
    So now you see that not all websites have a real IP address attached directly to the mainframe, but also are co-located, cloud formed.
    To do that is to redirect the DNS to the ip with names.
    So for example has many more names unther that, which make it almost impossible to hack.
    Verry clever 🙂