Transgender phenomena: sorry but reality isn’t optional


Transgender phenomena: an outgrowth of liberal collectivism and judgemental nonsense

A friend of mine wrote in response to me stating the fact that there are two sexes.
“You’re right, sexuality doesn’t define gender.
Gender dysmorphia is about gender, not sexuality.
My boss this year transitioned to being a women, after quitting work. It’s a terribly complicated issue… you can deny it all you want but it’s real… it exists..”

First off this friend was only responding to half of what I said. I said gender is not sexuality or being masculine or feminine, it’s biology. Either you have a uterus or you don’t.

Your male boss can think he is a woman all day but he isn’t. Reality isn’t optional. Wearing women’s clothing or taking hormones doesn’t make you a woman it makes you a guy dressed like a woman and taking hormones. A guy that gets plastic surgery is not a woman he is a dude who got plastic surgery.

There are two sexes male and female. Even if you ignorantly conflated the words gender to means sex, then fine then there are only two genders then male and female.

Being masculine or feminine does not change your biology. Being gay or straight does not change your biology either. But the collectivist left cannot see that.

They see everything as categories. Blacks have to “act black” gays have to “act gay” whites have to act white. Ive seen people rag on a black person for not using substandard English. They said he was white washed and trying to “act white”. What the Hell does that mean? Likewise I have seen people dog on a white guy for “acting black” and calling him a wigger. What do you mean acting black? He is acting like an asshole there is nothing black about it. And the first guy is just acting rational there is nothing white about it. But in the regressive left mindset you have to fit their stereotype. If you don’t fit the approved mold of their prejudice then you are guilty of cultural appropriation.

This transgender nonsense is the out growth of this collectivist thinking and prejudice. They think acting like a girl makes you a girl. No it doesn’t. And acting like a girl is not an intrinsically female thing. Its just a generality. Lots of heterosexual women are “tom boys” and plenty of heterosexual men are effeminate. Behavior is behavior it doe snot change your biological category.

A man who feels like “he was supposed ot be a woman” bases that on what? They he likes men? That’s called being gay. Just be homosexual there is nothing wrong with it. It is becoming increasingly more acceptable, the supreme court just made homosexual marriage legal across the United States. Perhaps because the victim-hood points of homosexuality have declined that the left has invented a new problem to cash in. Is it based on him wanting to have a baby? Well newsflash, you cant. Is it because he like dolls or fashion or things generally ascribed to women? That’s not female it’s just a set of traits. You can like what you like you don’t have to be a woman to enjoy “girly things” So on what basis is a man a woman or a woman a man.

PS telling men to go pee in the men’s room is not “fascism” and women might want to not pee in the men’s room since they don’t pee standing up and male urinals are designed with a penis in mind. That this kind of thing is so hotly debated shows you the level of power given to the cry bullies. No one wants to be accused of having a prejudice and so they are capitulating to this lound mouth mental horde that sees isms and phobias everywhere it goes. Hell they’re even attacking trashcans now and censoring what pronouns you can use. This kind of overboard PC cult is going to create a nasty backlash. The bell curve obsessed Alt right are mainly just trolls but a minority of them aren’t trolling, they are actually just that dumb and you guys are feeding the trolls and at the same time the right wing equivalent of SJWs, and none of this is going to end well.

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