Stop blaming or giving credit to race, government is the problem capitalism the answer


You have heard it before. Some bellcurver will point to a disproportionate number of inventions or scientific discoveries by “the white race” and claim thats because it is genetically superior. The typical argument against this is not really an argument at all its simply to call the person racist and drop the mic. Well that person might be a racist, so that argument doesn’t really effect them or convince them to change their mind. All it does is makes
them more discrete about voicing their prejudice. you did not convince them of anything though to change their mind.

Furthermore what people try to attribute to accomplishments by the white race ought to be attributed to capitalism not genetics. All races fail under communism or monarchies. What allowed certain nations to thrive in invention and science wasn’t whiteness it was free markets. Japan and Korea have out worked Europe since adopting a free market capitalist system. And it’s not because they are Asian. Plenty of other Asian nations fail. North Korea has the exact same race as South Korea and its a complete failure. What matters is market forces and small government not race.

On the flipside, you will here collectivist condemn the evil white males or now evil white straight CIS males for every crime of History yet, by their own twisted collectivist logic, ignoring all the accomplishments by the same group although not the same individuals. Genocide, slavery, oppression of women… Firstly whites did not invent or monopolize slavery or oppression of women or imperialism. Those things were practiced globally. Secondly they are the product of governments not whiteness. When the English were Killing Indians they were killing the Irish too. The Irish are just as white if not more white than the English and yet they were not colonizing the planet. What people try to blame on the white race (genocide slavery) ought to be blamed on government and religious fanaticism. All systems kill under religious fanaticism. And it was the product of government that Indians were colonized and attacked by the military and it was government that institutionalized slavery and made laws against women. It was capitalism that ultimately put the pressure on government to pay wages instead of owning slaves and to include women in to the workforce and to trade with people instead of killing them. Plenty of whites were not involved in colonization and it was capitalist western society who first adopted women’s suffrage and ended slavery.

PS Capitalism: The mortal enemy of the left is the reason you have a cellphone or computer to bitch at me with.

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