Soros losers are now attacking people, just like Hillary.


Soros losers are now attacking people, just like Hillary.
by Ry Dawson

This is Americans vs. Identitarians. And the Identitarians are using racial and sexual platitudes to justify their fervent disdain and hate they have for successful people. Their envy is so thick and their rage is beyond that of a spastic child tantrum. The spoiled brat brigade has now resorted to more violence. Two friends of mine had glasses and plates thrown at them when they went to vote for Trump in New York. They suffered cuts on their arms and faces.

Clinton’s policies murdered hundreds of thousands of black and brown people half of which were women. Where were the protest against Saudi Arabia bombing Yemeni children with US weapons and aid. Saudi Arabia also paid Hillary as did Qatar. Where are the protest against arming “moderate rebels” who murder the people of Syria? Where were the tears for the children of Libya, Iraq or Palestine? Where were the cries of racism as Hillary supported Neo Nazis in the coup in Ukraine?

Where was the media coverage of occupy Wall-Street which lasted for months to opposed the trillions in bailouts that Hillary voted for while Main-Street lost their homes because of fraud and corruption? Where was the media when there were massive and I mean massive anti-war protest in the lead up to the Iraq War which Hillary also voted for?

That doesn’t resonate with the youth today.If you want to get a rise out of young people today, as Ralph Nader said, accuse someone of using a racial slur or sexual slur that’s the only thing they understand. The cultural relativist believes all cultures are good and equal except for Western culture, the culture that put an end the global slavery and which is who began women’s suffrage. The complete disconnect from Historical reality and the hypocrisy in their positions has no equal. For all the pontificating moral indignation they want to express about identity politics, they loath the very culture which brought about the social changes they publicly seek. Privately however this is a power control issue. The bully, the authoritatian just needs a do-gooder label to hide behind in order to enforce their yearning desire to boss other people around, restrict things, outcast people, and destroy western values. They are constantly caught spray painting racist slur words themselves and pointing the finger at imagined racist. Some of these basketcases have started cutting themselves because Hillary lost. It is a masochistic cult of coveted victim-hood.



We hear the mentally ill children or regressive left with stunted brain growth, agonize over their imagined and media fostered claims of racism sexism and xenophobia. These are super safe issues that no one could possibly oppose, for in the era of cultural Marxism the accusation of any one of these things has more weight and stigma behind it than getting rapist out of jail, starving children to death and bombing cites. And yet no one is more guilty of the things the Alt left espouse to hate so much than themselves. No one is more collectivist and judgemental than the Idenitarians. Everything is blamed on biological categories and every act of merit is collectively assigned to the group. The first women to do X the first black person to do X the first fill in the blank… This is how thye see and define their world. Every failure of any individual is societies fault. There is an extreme external locus of control behind the regressive leftist psychology. The cult of hurling accusations of prejudice could not be any more prejudice than it is in words and behavior. We have had Liberal professors proclaim that white people should kill themselves.

This white bashing and white male bashing in particular has created, predictably, a reaction from their racist counter parts. Racism begets racism. But the left doesn’t see itself as being racist.
It has well crossed the line now. Not only has generation safe space and their need to hate professor class been protesting democracy and the election results, which is so funny as much as they worried and brow beat on Trump if he didn’t accept the results immediately, but not they are vandalizing property and attacking innocent people.

There needs to be law and order, and these bully thugs who hate free speech and use accusations of prejudice as a weapon, should be rounded up when they break the law and thrown behind bars. Maybe if they get raped in jail they can have Hillary come in and defend the rapist and tell them they made it up and wanted it.

Remember this? This was before the election.
They fire bombed a GOP office in North Carolina

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