The Empire Unmasked

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Unfortunately 911 has a stigma built around it because of how asinine ‘conspiratainment’ has been promoted on such a big stage thanks to blow-hards like Alex Jones. Loose Change is even on Netflix. Their dogmatism does for 911 research what religious extremist do for religion. Their own followers are locked in but their behavior and insulated from contrary facts is off putting to everyone else.

So we not only have to debunk the government, we start in a position of extreme disadvantage because of these charlatans. We have to prove we aren’t crazy before the subject of 911 can even be approached.

War by Deception has stood basically solo as resistance to the total kookification of 911.

God is Not a Real Estate Agent, Trump’s Zionist Ball & Chain

Official Documentary

Real estate in NY and NJ is deeply entrenched in Organized Crime, and corrupt pay to play governments. Bribery and blackmail are just a normal part of state contracting. There exist a concentration of Zionist ideologues profiting from the gambit and using their wealth to assist a foreign government with its political aims. Crooks are using the state to enrich themselves and then using this wealth to further the interest of the Israeli regime and its grip over America money, media, and military power.

President Trump himself and his extended family, with Charles and Jared Kushner in particular, are serving financial and ideological aims of the Israeli state. Expose their game, break the cycle.

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